The Future and Other Fictions

A fiction blog for short fiction, culture reviews and discussions of creative art


I am an information professional. What this means in practice is that I’m a jack-of-all-trades resource for my employer, which currently is a market/social research organisation in Melbourne, Australia.

In my extracurricular activities I write fiction, and I compose and perform music, and in a parallel life I am director of music for a local church. I am an avid aficionado of, and whenever possible performer in, musical theatre. I am trained as a biological scientist, qualified as a librarian and experienced as a publisher. I am a computer gamer and a player of chess. I am a voracious reader of fantasy and science fiction and crime mysteries. I am a husband and the father of a young daughter.

My interests run the gamut from science and technology – with a particular interest in biotechnology and in computing; through climate change and the environment and biosustainability; through church politics, and national politics, and global sociology; to the future of the human species. As a father I am interested in the short-term benefit and destiny of Australia and the opportunities offered to those of future generations. More generally, I am firmly committed to the future of our species as a whole. Unfortunately this may come at the detriment of individuals, or groups, or countries.

This blog is a collection of short fiction in any genre: fantasy, science fiction, comedy, drama. I will also review film and literature as the mood strikes me – aren’t we all reviewers now, and don’t we all want somewhere to publish our opinions?

Feel free to comment and share yours.


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